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As the bodybuilding community grows, so does the supplier base. The responsibility to distinguish between legit and rogue online steroids stores rests squarely on the shoulders of the consumers. In our numerous bodybuilding ordeals, we’ve had both amazing and nasty experiences. We’ve found ourselves cornered by transactions with online stores whose products did us more damage than good. One such notorious store was

Unpleasant User Experience

On navigating to the site, the first thing you notice is its cluttered homepage. Unlike the neat interfaces you’ll often find on top sites such as UP Steroid or 2 Get Mass, pesky adverts greet you when you visit Try scrolling the page to read its contents, and before you are two lines into it, an intrusive adware is already all over your screen inviting you to another website. Honestly, without a decent ad block software, your experience here will suck.

Product Pricing

Despite the trouble we had initially with dodging the ad bullets, we decided to give the site a shot and shop. We were buying Anavar. The search engine was pretty fast, displaying products we had queried about within seconds. However, the prices seemed a little off, probably alluring. They were unbelievably cheap.

At this point, our red flags had been raised. What if they were selling fake products? We decided to dig deeper.

Quality of Products

Before making our purchase, we decided to take a closer look at VAR 10 which was the product the site’s search engine gave back when we searched for Anavar. This is where everything began making sense and our fears confirmed. The product had funny ingredients including one by the name Oxantrione which was the primary compound. Where on earth did Anavar product lack Oxandrolone?

Needless to say, our buying mission had to stop here. There was no way we were going to waste our money on an explicitly fake steroid especially when there were many other reputable stores out here selling proven Anavar.

We also came across numerous complaints by other Anavar users who had bought the same product from only for them to experience weird body reactions and no results to show. review
Noticed the fake primary ingredient of VAR 10? How is Oxantrione related to Anavar?

Final Word

In our opinion, is a dangerous online store that sells fake bodybuilding products to unsuspecting users. Everything about it is awful right from its unpleasant interface, crude customer support and, worst of all, fake products.

Anyone looking to purchase Anavar or any other related bodybuilding product should therefore steer clear of it and instead get their stocks from proven stores such as Top Steroids Online or UP Steroid.

Shop wisely!

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Check out why you should avoid when looking to buy Anavar. This is a scam online store that sells you fake products, has an incompetent customer support team, and takes forever to make deliveries. Avoid dealing with this phony store.

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