4 Steps To A Successful Cut With Oral Anavar


Anavar is the closest science has come to giving us a perfect steroid


Cutting can be a grueling process. For the first two weeks you panic constantly, trying to calculate how much muscle you are losing every minute of the day. The following two weeks are defined by how much you miss your favorite foods. You start to notice what strangers around you are eating. You start hoarding food for when your cut is over. You consider doing unspeakable things for just one slice of pizza..

As you can probably tell, the struggle is mostly psychological and most people do a pretty decent job of keeping to their plan until they get off work and have a beer or six or eight or twelve. But if you see it through you are rewarded with feelings of pure admiration every time you catch a glance of your new vascular gains. Everyone wants to be cut and look their best, so with that in mind we’ve compiled our top 4 essential tips for a successful cut.

Drink More Water

You may consider that drinking more water will cause you to store more water weight, which seems counterproductive, but that isn’t the case and here is why; Water retention takes place when your body stores fluid in your joints, tissue or circulatory system. This is a natural process in the same way that your body wants to store excess calories as fat for emergency use.

Drinking more water will trigger your body to release extra water via excretion. This has additional benefits to your health such as improving your metabolism, hydrating your body and flushing out your digestive system and your kidneys. You should be drinking 1-2 gallons every day.

Oral Anavar Helps

When we say that oral Anavar helps, what we mean is it really helps.

Originally engineered for use in medicine, Anavars key purpose was to promote lean tissue growth during catabolic/muscle wasting illness or following surgery or major infection. During this time it was discovered that Anavar doesn’t aromatize or cause any significant estrogenic activity and was noticed by bodybuilders and athletes who were looking to maintain muscle mass and strength during their difficult cutting cycles.

It has to be noted that oral Anavar was developed during the height of anabolic steroid research in the 1960s as part of the push to discover the perfect steroid. Anavar is commonly regarded as the closest that science has ever come to accomplishing their ambition.

Increase Your Lean Tissue Mass to Help With Your Cut

A really common mistake we see a lot of people make is trying to cut when they don’t have a sufficient amount of lean tissue. Head over to any bodybuilding forum and you’ll always see someone asking the noob question, ‘should I cut or bulk?’ (see our answer to that question here). To perform a successful cut, you ideally need to have a decent amount of lean muscle first. Remember that when cutting you are trying to decrease your overall body fat %, and not your overall weight.

Working to gain a good amount of lean muscle before you cut will assist this fat burning process. Because the more lean muscle your body has, the more energy that your body expends to maintain that muscle when you’re at rest. Your basal metabolic rate will be higher, and you’ll find it easier to strip away the fat.

Be Ready To Deal with Being Hungry Before It Happens

There are various ways to deal with being hungry and on a calorie deficit so don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for your body. By having a plan in place for when it happens, you won’t be as tempted to blow your diet. Here’s what you can do:

• Load up on vegetables or a salad with each meal

• Drink a protein shake immediately after your workout

• Drink a cup of black coffee or green tea

• Increase your water intake.

• Use gum, with some pretty funky flavors available it’s like eating a small dessert.

• Work on the quality of your sleep, ensure you are getting a minimum of 8 hours nightly

• Keep in mind that when you’re hungry, that means it’s working

These are 4 simple methods to see your way through a successful cut. You build muscle systematically and follow a plan, so don’t put your gains at risk by going into your cut haphazardly or without having developed a plan. Above all, keep your goal in mind and remember that it’ll all be worth it.