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In the framework of our perpetual search for the best websites offering genuine Anavar, we wanted to test It has been in the marketplace for several years, but its reputation on the web was not always good. Nowadays, however, it seems a new time has come for the site as it has new owners.

Let’s take a closer look at this.

On the home page, we can already see the site highlights the authenticity of its products, as well as in the promotional offers.

A responsible site, first of all

We were pleasantly surprised already on the home page when seeing an overview of the context of the sale of steroids. The truth is that this is the only place that dares to talk about it openly.

In fact, body-building explains in detail the legal and illegal context of the sale of steroids. You will find out how to buy steroids legally with a prescription or in some countries. The site also discourages acquiring steroids on the black market, in clandestine laboratories and explains the risks this practice involves.

This way, bodybuilding shows itself as a responsible and professional website. With this reminder, it transmits confidence right away.

Sale of authentic products

In addition to its responsible side, the site offers a full range of products of the most famous laboratories: Beligas Pharma, Cooper Pharma, Dragon Pharmaceuticals, Éminences Labs, Genshi Labs, Mactropin, Maha Pharma and Myogen Labs.

As a proof of transparency, the site has even dedicated a page to the verification of the authentication of its products. Then, by going to the site link of the brand, you can enter the authentication code of your product to get it verified.

A very diversified offer of Anavar

The site provides comprehensive information on each product. This way, the user can get his cure started being aware of the benefits of the product, the dose according to his level, possible side effects, useful protections…

Bodybuilding takes care of the client by sending valuable and useful information about each product.

Regarding Anavar, the site has the most effective products nowadays:

  • Anavar 50mg 100 pills Dragon Pharma
  • Anavar 10mg 50 pills Maha Pharma
  • Anavar 10mg 54 pills Genshi Labs
  • OxaGen 10 – Box of 50 tablets – MyoGen
  • Anavar 10mg 100 pills Dragon Pharma
  • Anavar Lite 10mg 50 pills Beligas Pharmaceuticals
  • Anavar Pro 50mg 50 pills Beligas Pharmaceuticals

Even so, prices are still very affordable considering we are talking about large brands, since the site works directly with laboratories, no agents.

A well thought out logistics

The site, now run by real professionals, offers fast, reliable and secure payment methods :

  • Bank card
  • Bitcoin
  • MoneyGram and WesternUnion
  • Zelle (for the USA)
  • Bank wire…

In addition, the site has multiple warehouses around the world to facilitate your delivery in terms of speed and security.

Our assessment

  • Account creation, ergonomics and purchasing process
  • Price of products
  • Customer service
  • Advice, cycle and products
  • Methods of payment and delivery
  • We have placed an order and the verdict is...


Now with new owners, the site regains prominence on stage as a more-and-more important player. A responsible-as-few site in which one can rely 100% when it comes to purchasing high quality products at unbeatable prices. Delivery is express, also, since it only takes from 2 to 9 days for U.S. orders and from 5 to 15 days for Europe, Asia and Oceania orders.

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