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Anyone who has been in the field of supplements/steroids for a while will easily acknowledge having heard about or even visited site at some point. Indeed, this is a huge, serious e-commerce site that’s also considered by many athletes and bodybuilders as reliable as far as customer support and product authenticity are concerned.

Oddly, we had never dealt with Upsteroid before perhaps due to our huge loyalty to another equally popular supplements e-commerce website,

However, after seeing the numerous rave reviews that was getting online, we decided to make an order just to see if this was indeed the case. We were looking to buy Anavar.

We loved the site’s clean interface and general organization

Amazing User Experience

First, the website is surprisingly modern and seamless. This is something you can’t fail to notice especially now that a majority of its competitors hardly put in any efforts to their appeal. Its highly responsive structure is a clear evidence of this. Indeed, surfing and navigating Upsteroid on cell phones, tablets, or any other device couldn’t have been more fluid.

We also loved their highly detailed product description pages which only shows just how serious their editors are when it comes to enlightening the masses on the full details of various products on sale as well as usage instructions.

Most importantly, there’s an active chat window availed at the site where users can reach out to a customer support representative should they need any clarifications regarding their orders, services, or products.

Active Blog

Most vendors of bodybuilding products will only settle for the bare minimum; to sell you the package you order and that’s it. However, Upsteroid is a bit different. The company boasts a massive, proactive, and comprehensive fountain of knowledge which you can find on their really insightful blog. The topics you find here are super informative with content often addressing aspects such as challenges facing bodybuilders, creating awareness campaigns, and even enlightening users on matters trending globally. Want to be a step ahead of others when it comes to appropriate use of various bodybuilding products? Then be sure to make this blog your point of reference.

Here’s a sneak peek of the awesome blog

What Other Reviewers Think

Let’s face it, everyone wants complete assurance when trying something new; it is our inherent nature as humans. In our case, we wanted to find out what other reviewers had to say about Upsteroid. We’ve always loved the honest opinion and highly rank Trust Pilot’s ratings regarding websites and so we began our exploration here. Guess what we found?

Upsteroid had a banging 8.2 ranking score. In our experience, that is very impressive. What’s more? From the comments we were able to pick, most Anavar users appeared content with the website with a majority notably praising the high-quality nature of the products they received and the professionalism of the customer support. is one of the few highly rated steroids stores on Trust Pilot


To be honest, prices at might not be the cheapest on the market but are generally competitive. However, as you already possibly know, what matters the most when it comes to steroids is the quality of products received; and we have to admit that is simply unbeatable on this front.

While on the site, we found a great tutorial that explains the different payment methods accepted including Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Western Union, and MoneyGram. However, what mainly captured our attention is the 10% discount that the site offers to users who post a photo of their package once received. How about that?

This sort of customer transparency is rare and definitely commendable.

Delivery and Packaging

A majority of e-commerce sites often get sharp criticism for their delayed deliveries or not following up on their customers once payment is done. Fortunately, turned out to be remarkably different on this front.

Let’s use our case as an example. We placed our Anavar order on a Monday and made a payment of 96.00€ for Anavar 10mg- 100 Tabs by Atlas-Pharma. Payment was validated on Tuesday evening after which our package delivered on Thursday. It was nicely wrapped in a discreet yet professional packaging. Everything was as described on the site and the contents were in perfect condition.

Get a 10 percent discount every time you send a photo of your delivered package

Our Verdict

In our experience, Upsteroid sits up there with the best as far as e-commerce sites for steroids and other related products are concerned. Of special mention are their modern site, high-quality products, and comparatively faster deliveries.

To this end, we highly recommend it to any athlete or bodybuilder looking for convenience and speedy services.

Our Honest Review

  • Account creation, ergonomy and ordering process
  • Prices and products
  • Customer service
  • Cycle and Products advice
  • Methods of payment and methods of delivery
  • We made a real order, and the verdict is...


A simple, seamless pharmacy platform. Purchasing Anavar here is a breeze. Every purchase is made in a discreet manner with quick deliveries guaranteed. Upsteroid is legit and one of the most trusted e-commerce sites in the world of steroids and other related products.

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