Anavar FAQs
(Your Ultimate Beginners Guide to Anavar)

Oral Anavar – A Summary Of Frequently Asked Questions

Here we address some of the most common questions and concerns in regards to taking / purchasing oral anavar.

6 Safety Concerns

Firstly, it is important to note that this product may not interact well with:

  • Anticoagulants
  • Other anabolic steroids (always check for compatibility prior to use)
  • Moderate CPY2C9 inhibitors
  • Selected CYP2C9 inhibitors
  • Medication that can negatively affect cholesterol levels
  • Medication that can negatively affect the liver

In conjunction to the above precautions, please bear in mind that an overdose (please review the relevant section of this article in regards to usage principles) would warrant immediate consultation with a qualified medical professional. You will not be judged for your actions under these circumstances, only provided with assistance.

The C17 AA nature of this product warrants protection via appropriate supplementation with products like high strength milk thistle and lecithin to counteract liver toxicity.

It should be noted in regards to the above mentioned toxicity that whilst being a staple concern for decades in regards to the use of “orals”, it is potentially not as “large” a risk as the medical community once thought (as illustrated here and here.)

Due to some cases involving hospitalisation as a result of extreme liver toxicity, these risks must be voiced to guarantee user safety, however; should you use anavar appropriately (as laid out by our information on dosing / cycle support), then it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter any adverse issues.

It’s always best to assume that there definitely is a present danger and counteract it accordingly than to assume you are at no risk. Always presume you are the “rule” (that liver toxicity is possible) rather than an “exception” to it, and you’ll typically always be safe.

Why Is Anavar More “Effective” For Women?

Var isn’t necessarily “more” effective for women, its effects are just more prominent within their system – we’ll outline the reasons for this over the course of this section.

As a general rule of thumb, any product that is “mild” in nature (like this one) for a male user is going to be potent when used by a female.

The female body only contains roughly 10% of the active testosterone available in a male body (as illustrated here); as such, any product (like this one) that serves to spike these levels dramatically alters the internal “chemistry” of the female body.

Women can expect to see a significant difference in terms of size and tonal development amongst other favourable benefits (cell regeneration in regards to hair, skin and nails in conjunction with improved strength output and structural stability, as we’ll soon highlight) when administering this item in the fashion mentioned during the section on appropriate dosing.

If we take the results of this test into consideration, we see immediately that this product can have a very significant visual impact (up to 2.5kg worth of added lean muscle) on an older (60+) female body.

Bearing in mind that those who took part in this test are going to have a diminished capacity to produce lean tissue when compared to those of a younger age (as illustrated by this evaluation of sarcopenia / gradual muscle loss over time), this doubly supports that a typical “aesthetically” minded female user in her 20’s – 40’s is going to achieve the most optimum results when using this item (compared to her older female peers.)

For a male of any age range, being able to gain 2.5kg – 4kg+ (potentially, dependant on age) of lean tissue would simply be unheard of whilst using this item; as such, we can confidently state that its effects are “more” potent (at least visually) when integrated into a female body.

Bear in mind also that anavar side effects for females are potentially (the risk is still low) going to be more severe than those a male may encounter (the manifestation of masculine elements – i.e unwanted hair, a deeper voice, etc.) It’s very important that you integrate some form of androgenic control (a “SARM”) when using this item as a female for this reason.

Who Are The Best Anavar Laboratories And Top Brands?

There are many laboratories / top brands producing anavar. Some of the companies / products you’re likely to see will appear as follows on the “digital” market:

  • MyoGen Labs
  • La Pharma
  • Maha Pharma

Where all anavar “brands” ultimately differ is in regards to their safety and purity. This is actually one of the biggest issues in regards to buying anabolic items full stop, and it can be tremendously difficult to know whether or not what you have is legitimate.

You can purchase a steroid testing kit as a means of discerning everything from product concentration to purity in the comfort of your own home; it’s a worthwhile investment that may save you thousands (and protect your health significantly.)

Please be aware that a common complaint with Cambridge Research products in particular is that they can often be underdosed. A testing kit would be the perfect means of putting this potential “myth” to rest with your own Cambridge Research anavar should you choose to buy this variant.

Are There Any Alternatives?

You can use a product named “anvarol” to achieve similar results albeit in a “non-pharmaceutical” grade capacity. All of the ingredients it contains are wholly natural (not synthesised) and will help to both protect your lean tissue mass and spike your metabolic activity.

It’s worth noting that your results are in no way going to be as significant as they are with the “real” product, but they will still be favourable when combined with a sensible nutritional intake and decent training principles.

Best Practice Guidelines For Securing Anavar Safely

You need to be tremendously careful when buying this product online in regards to its legality in your area. It is typically illegal to possess this item without a prescription.

This is also largely why purchasing online is the safest avenue for acquisition. If an item gets delivered directly to your front door inside a discreet, unmarked package, then it’s going to be tremendously difficult for anyone to prove your receipt or usage of it (provided you use discretion when disposing of packaging, etc.)

Where much of the risk truly relies is in regards to product legitimacy when sourcing on the Internet. To counteract this risk, you can purchase a testing kit in the fashion previously stated whilst ensuring that you always shop with reliable suppliers.