Anavar Side Effects
(How To Protect Yourself)

While side effects during any steroid use are possible, Anavar is truly a “mild” compound when compared to the plethora of other anabolic substances out there. By familiarising yourself with these adverse possibilities, it becomes straightforward to safeguard against them.

Side effects can include, but are not limited to:

  • An increase in negative cholesterol levels
  • Possible androgenic issues, such as the development of male pattern baldness
  • Liver toxicity (when using oral forms)
  • A suppression in your ability to optimise organic testosterone synthesis

Anavar Effects

The above oxandrolone side effects can easily be counteracted via the integration of cycle support. This support should come in the form of a powerful liver protective agent (such as milk thistle and NAC), and ideally a form of testosterone to help keep your production in check (products like clomid also help greatly in this capacity during the post cycle window, as we’ll soon discuss.) A “SERM” (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) will also be necessary when performing advanced cycles.

Before looking for Oxandrolone for sale, it’s important that you identify whether or not you suffer from high blood pressure, high negative cholesterol levels, any cardiovascular / respiratory issues or any specific liver-related illnesses if taking the oral form.

Any of the above ailments would indicate that taking this product placed you at a higher risk of adverse issues arising. Always consult with a GP before you first use any compound.

Provided you adhere to the relevant Oxandrolone dosage whilst implementing the above elements, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter any severe adverse issues.

As countless anavar reviews will show, this is truly one of the safest products of its type out there.

This is due to the fact that it possesses no significant androgenic or estrogenic side effects (in fact, there are none whatsoever in regards to the latter aspect) and the primary (liver toxicity / hormone suppression) aspects can be easily subdued via integrating external elements of the type mentioned above.

Ultimately, and almost needless to say, you need to implement only safe, pure and well concentrated anavar, coming from a reputable supplier. There are several honest, highly rated suppliers on the market, which we discuss of in the dedicated section of this website, but let’s spend a word, a very good word, for MyoGen Labs and their first class OxaGen 10 ( This is truly one of the safest steroids to use and it’s especially popular because, among other things, the detection time is much shorter than other steroids.