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The debut of anything powerful in the market almost always facilitates the emergence of sham counterfeits. The bodybuilding industry is no exception. Indeed, this is one of the worst hit industries when it comes to penetration of fake products today. And as you can expect, most of these products end up spiraling their way into consumers’ hold eventually leaving them reeling far from soberness and damaged beyond repair.

For quite some time now, I’ve been a diehard fanatic of Anavar and have always sourced my stocks from a number of trusted steroids e-commerce stores including Top Steroids Online and Super Steroid. However, just recently, I happened to bump into another store which seemed to offer the same product at an incredible bargain price. It goes by the name

For starters, this website poses as an online store capable of offering you significant results after using their products. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Below are several grave concerns that I have gathered, both from the bodybuilding forums and from my own experience.

The kind of enticing offers meant to blind you. Do not fall for them.

Poor Product Quality

It’s not once that I have come across members of various bodybuilding forums ranting over the quality of Anavar they received from For some, the results take too long to materialize, while for others the side effects are near fatal. So why these variations? I set my sails ready to explore and here’s what I found out.

The first thing that struck me when I visited the product description page of what Anabolics sell as Anavar (known as VAR 10), I couldn’t help but notice that the product’s main ingredient was labeled as Oxantrione. Is this even a known ingredient with any scientific backing? Or could they have meant to write Oxandrolone (which is what real Anavar contains) but were so careless to even not note the typo?

This prompted to conduct exhaustive research while also reaching out to users who had tried out this product. It is here that I discovered that VAR 10 sold by Anabolics was merely a combination of sugar molecules and other additives. How unfortunate is this?

While experienced users of the real Anavar will most likely notice the fake feel of VAR 10 fast and cease usage, newbies are likely to blame their body structures for their slowed responses. Eventually, there’s a possibility of this ending up being a catastrophic ordeal for them.

Notice the funny ingredients of this “Anavar” by Anabolics. But where is Oxandrolone?

Shoddy Customer Service

I tried contacting the customer care to inquire about the bogus product they were promoting; expectedly, no one seemed keen to respond. I decided to use a different email address and pose as an Anavar customer, asking general info such as price, payment methods and shipping details; I immediately got a response. Aren’t these the kind of trickeries you expect from scammers?

Payment Options

Even if you decided to play deaf to the quality of product you’d receive and proceeded to seal the deal with, your privacy would suffer. First, the site is not secure. A modern browser warns you that any info you share should not include sensitive data such as passwords or credit card details. Therefore, take caution lest your session ends up hijacked and relevant info stolen. Why risk your privacy when you can buy Anavar from more secure stores such as 2 Get Mass or Super Steroid?


Although the website offers shipping services to customers located anywhere in the world, their prices are unnecessarily too high. The amount you pay for transportation of a single package is close to the price at which you acquired it in the first place. What’s even more perturbing is that you don’t get insured against theft, damages or seizure by authorities. This translates to a possible loss of your money.


In an industry flocked by alternative flourishing, reliable, and proven Anavar suppliers, the last thing you’d want is to rely on an online store that’s been constantly red flagged by numerous bodybuilders. As such, it’s only prudent to save your body and cash from wasting away by settling for the best.

Be wise. Check out more reputable suppliers of Anavar such as 2 Get Mass, Top Steroids Online, or Super Steroid where quality is king!

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Anabolics is one of the older e-commerce stores dealing in steroids and growth hormones today. However, that hasn’t stopped the company from getting involved in phony businesses of selling fake products to unsuspecting consumers. We expound more on this in this real review.

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