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Despite being a fairly new entrant in the steroid industry, Monstersteroids is quickly gaining ground among diehard users of Anavar and other related bodybuilding products. As far as quality of products and web experience is concerned, the impression this online store has created is not too far from perfect. Nevertheless, there are still a few rough edges to curve before it can be deemed seamless.

Web Interface

The web programmers behind Monstersteroids have done an excellent job judging by the user-friendliness of its website. Our experience navigating the site was pretty smooth with pages responsiveness quite superb. No matter the screen size we visited the site from, each item resized accordingly allowing us access to every element.

When we queried the search engine for Anavar, we were impressed with the large number of relevant items the database returned. Apart from that, whenever we hovered the mouse over an item, a brief summary popped up thereby allowing us to learn the product’s details without having to click on it. Quite handy!

Images were clear although more details wouldn’t have hurt

Sign up Setbacks

Like many other related online stores for steroids and growth hormones, users are required to create an account for purposes of placing an order and transferring cash. During our sign up, however, we faced a minor challenge. Despite the fact that the process was all smooth initially, the account verification stage was not working normally. If you’ve purchased anything online, then you possibly know how such delays can be frustrating. We had to wait for close to 15 minutes before receiving the account confirmation link. Our attempt to contact the customer care to raise our concern was futile. In fact, we almost gave up.

Checkout and Payment

Luckily, after solving the small glitch earlier faced, we finally had our account confirmed which meant that we could now finalize the transaction. The only step remaining at this point was adding a credit card.

Here, we were in for another glaring setback.

If you are visiting Monstersteroids from an unsecured network, you’ll want to use a virtual private network to avoid your card details getting nabbed by potential attackers. For a site involving cash transfer, the level of security at the checkout point ought to be better than this. We were forced to abandon our mission and visit our all-time favorite store Top Steroids Online to get the package. We couldn’t afford to risk our privacy online. Would you?

Customers can only pay using credit cards


In the various bodybuilding forums where we frequent, we’ve met a few friends who are huge fans of Monstersteroids. According to a majority of them, most ordered items – especially those made on wholesale basis often arrive in less than 72 hours for consumers in Europe. However, smaller packages take approximately 48 hours while international orders about a week or two. Frankly, this is a tolerable waiting duration.

A Final Word

Regarding reliability, quality of products and user web interaction, the team behind Monstersteroids deserve an applause. However, the store’s customer service and security measures were not satisfactory. Also, a lack of any anonymous transaction option might bother some users.  All in all, we’d advise that you now weigh your other alternatives against Monstersteroids and make your own choice. Otherwise, safe shopping!

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  • Prices and products
  • Customer service
  • Cycle and Products advice
  • Methods of payment and methods of delivery


Monstersteroids is a commendable online store to buy your Anavar supplies as well as most steroids, testosterones, peptides, and growth hormones. It boasts a great website and quality products. On the downside, however, we were not very impressed with how they handle customer data and their support service was below par.

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