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Myroidshop review

Product was reasonably priced and had a precise description

Web Simplicity

I’ve visited numerous steroid e-commerce stores before but I can’t recall the last time I came across one so simple and straightforward. Precision is well observed in this site’s organization of content. Besides, the purpose of the site is explicitly spelled out which helps to inculcate that welcoming feeling. Most importantly, all user accessories are strategically placed to better shoppers’ experience. You’ll also like the daily highlights offered by the site as well as its highly responsive search engine which helps to ease your searches for products.

Easy Account Management

This simplicity also extends to the sign-up process. Since I was making a purchase for the first time here, I was prompted to create an account. I experienced no difficulty whatsoever filling up my personal details. What gave me even more confidence was knowing that I was working on a secure server. Here, your privacy comes first. The system ensured I used a strong password, precisely containing more than eight characters. In addition, you also have the option to further customize your account after a successful initial signup.

Secure Point of Sale

Myroidshop offers several payment options to its customers. You can use your debit/credit card, Bitcoin or authorize cash transfers from international agencies such as the Western Union. I particularly enjoyed the anonymous Bitcoin option as well as the swift confirmation of receipt of payment. At this juncture, the system notifies you the availability of your item through a real-time feed and ensures you don’t pay for what is not in stock.

Shipping and Delivery

Considering that there are minimal delays in confirming payment, shipping begins just a few hours from the time you make your order. What’s more? it takes approximately a day or two for Anavar to reach you if you’re in Europe.

As if that is not enough, you’ll be able to track your package as it is being shipped. Should you have concerns about seizure of your supplement by authorities, you can inform the customer support and they’ll add an extra obfuscation material at no extra cost. Still, the original packaging is secure by itself as it’s tamper-proof.

myroidshop review

Everything you need to know about product shipping by

Excellent Product Quality

Since then, I have successfully transacted with Myroidshop about six times now. Each delivery I receive is of sound quality and works as it should. I have no trouble trusting them for future business. Besides, they are an authorized shop and work in close collaboration with trustworthy steroid manufacturers.


In my opinion, Myroidshop is one of those rare online steroids shops you can bet trust any day. From the reasonable products prices to the quality of supplements and overall satisfactory customer experience, I’d recommend this store to anyone out there. Anyone who’s shopped with them will also undoubtedly attest to this fact.

Indeed, you’ll hardly find anywhere else that feels homelier than at Myroidshop.

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Myroidshop is one of the longest serving online stores for steroids and other bodybuilding products today. The store is not only reputable for offering high-quality products but also for its fantastic customer service. Find out more from the experience we had with them recently.

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