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While supplements are an excellent way to buff your muscles, a wrong prescription can often turn disastrous and could even ruin you beyond repair. Online steroid stores are multiplying each day and at quite a rapid pace. As such, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between the legit ones and the fakes. I had the opportunity to bust one selling sham products to unsuspecting customers by the name

Heavy shoppers of steroids will acknowledge having at least heard or purchased an item from them. Like most illegitimate dealers, they use various sneaky tactical marketing strategies with an aim to lure bodybuilders into transacting with them. However, if you are keen enough, you’ll discover the ingredients used in most supplements are a total joke.

I learned about Crazybulk through one of the top online forums of which I am a member. They have a couple of agents in these platforms whose role is to convince other bodybuilders into shopping with them.

Notice the enticing offers…typical of fishy online stores

Bogus Products

Despite having such an attractive general appearance, a closer look at the product descriptions will give you second thoughts. I wanted to purchase Anavar. However, being the curious person I’ve always been, I decided to explore the site first before placing my order. This is when I came across an article promoting a product Gynectrol, which, as they claim, helps to treat Gynecomastia (man boobs). It sounded like a promising product. So, how about its composition? A total joke again. Everything listed here was purely phony. None of the elements had any scientific backing regarding successful treatment of this devastating condition. What a big disgrace this online store was turning out to be!

Crazybulk promotes this phony product, which they claim helps treat ‘man boobs’

Cold Customer Experience

Crazybulk offers a live chat window where one can speak to a representative. So, I decided to use it to raise my concern. Instead of answering my question more directly, an advert for another product popped up. Needless to say, I got impatient and raised the question again. Twenty minutes later, the agent replied asking me if anything was wrong. I repeated my explanation. Presumably cornered, they said they’d get back to me shortly. One hour later, there was still no response. Eventually, I opted to visit my most trusted store 2 Get Mass to buy my Anavar.


If you are a serious bodybuilder looking for an e-commerce site with a clean record of supplies, then Crazybulk shouldn’t come anywhere close to your list. Use the likes of 2 Get Mass or Super Steroids and build your muscles safely.

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Looking for a legitimate online store to supply you with Anavar? Just steer clear of Crazybulk. Everything about this company is shady, right from the fake products they sell to their bogus customer support. Learn more from the experience we had with them.

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