is a growing site, recognised by the professionals of the muscles.

It is no exaggeration to say this site has many assets that will attract more and more steroids’ users.

An attractive design

As soon as the homepage of got displayed on the screen, we could notice the careful design of the site: images that say a lot, well-organised sections, easily accessible information…

At a glimpse on the home page, it is clear that this is a site made by experts in performance improvement.

This keen eye for details is what makes the difference between different sites right away; it’s not just about highlighting the benefits of the products.

With its careful design and well-thought-out ergonomics,’s characteristic professionalism can be noticed only visiting its homepage. It gives us confidence and arouses our interest.

A well-organised and fat catalog

For the buyer to have a smooth and pleasant shopping experience, has organised its catalog in several categories:

  • Packages: each package has been designed with a specific purpose. The interesting thing about packages is that they all meet everything that is necessary for a comprehensive treatment. In addition to these packages, there are the bulk packs, designed especially for resellers. A bulk pack usually has 30 boxes of a given product + 10 free boxes. This offer is therefore very advantageous for resellers.
  • Oral: Here is the full range of oral products that will allow you to achieve your goals of weight gain, weight loss, strength gain…
  • Injectable: Features the full range of products available in injectable form
  • Testosterone: Testosterone is available in all its forms in this category.
  • Protection: Everything that is needed to get yourself protected during a cure.
  • Hormones: The most complete range of peptides, HGH, HCG, EPO, IGF-1…
  • Laboratories: More than 12 prestigious brands are available in the catalog

Focusing more specifically on Anavar, the site offers 8 products from 7 major brands, as well as 3 packages:

  • Anavar 10mg 50 pills Maha Pharma
  • OxaGen 10 (Anavar) – 10 mg/tab – 50 pills – MyoGen
  • Anavar 10mg 54 pills Genshi Labs
  • Anavar 10mg 100 pills Dragon Pharma
  • Anavar Lite 10mg 50 pills Beligas Pharmaceuticals
  • Pro Anavar 50mg 50 pills Beligas Pharmaceuticals
  • Anavar 50mg 100 pills Dragon Pharma
  • Pack Strength – Anavar (MyoGen)
  • Pack Cutting – Anavar and Winstrol (MyoGen)
  • BULK PACK [OxaGen 10 (Anavar) MyoGen] FREE 30 + 10

The site offers a wide selection of the best Anavar available nowadays in the market, in addition to two packages for the cure. has also thought about resellers and created for them the bulk pack featuring 30 boxes + 10 free.

Its offer is really complete.

Very professional logistics

Every stage of logistics has been carefully thought down to the smallest detail:

  • Products always in stock
  • Secure and discrete payment methods: Bitcoin, credit card, Zelle (only for the U.S.), MoneyGram
  • The insurance that covers loss or confiscation of packages only for 8% of the amount of the order
  • 4 warehouses widespread in the world to guarantee a timely and adequate delivery
  • Customer service available 24/7, kind and very professional agents in their answers and solutions.

Our opinion

  • Account creation, ergonomics and purchasing process
  • Price of products
  • Customer Service
  • Advice, cycle and products
  • Methods of payment and delivery
  • We have placed an order and the verdict is...


Presently, is one of the best and most professional sites dedicated to the sale of Anavar and the most popular steroids.

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